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T2 - It'll All Work out in Boomland (70) - 7.5/10
Early prog/psychedelia. Really good.

Triana - Triana (a.k.a. El Patio) (75) - 8.5/10
Melancholic flamenco-prog with a distinct Spanish sound. What grabs me with this record is not its complexity or "progressiveness", but rather all the wonderful melodies and the way the band works as a whole. Flamenco guitars and electric guitars are used alongside lush synthesizer sounds, and it is all topped by Jesus de la Rosa's emotional vocals. Some people may find it all over-emotional, but I don't. A few times they decide to increase the pace and intensity, and then sound even better. With their very original mix of flamenco and progressive rock, Triana were an obvious influence for the outstanding band Mezquita. This record lacks the frenetic speed of Mezquita's Recuerdos de mi Tierra, but nevertheless is close to an essential purchase for those who agree that the latter record is amongst the best ever.

Triana - Hijos del Agobio (77) - 8/10
Hijos del Agobio is in my opinion a little weaker than Triana, and is similar to its predecessor in style. Those who want more of Triana's wonderful flamenco-inspired music should get this. If you already have the album Triana, you know what you get. Don't let the year of release scare you off - progressive rock came to Spain five years late.