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The music reviews haven't been updated in ages, and I can't promise they will be either. The reason for this is in part that my musical preferences (may) have changed slightly of late, so that new reviews may ruin the unity of the site.

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These pages contain some short reviews of records, most of which are within the "progressive rock" genre. Many people may not be familiar with this term, but no short definition exists. The main hallmark of progressive rock is in my opinion the ambitious and sophisticated arrangements, often showing heavy influences from jazz, classical music and folk music. At times, "progressive rock" does not sound like "rock" at all. Of course, ambitionsness does not imply greatness, and when pompous attempts at becoming the greatest names within music since Bach fail, they often fail miserably. However, as should be apparent from the reviews, this is not always the case.

To help you understand what my overall impression of a record is, I have rated them from 1 to 10 (1 = R. Kelly, 10 = Headblowing). Everything from 7/10 and up is recommended.